Elizabeth Stoops

Program Manager

Mrs. Elizabeth Stoops holds an MBA from the University of Texas at San Antonio and operates as a Program Manager and Customer Relations Specialist for the Military & Health Research Foundation (MHRF). Serving as a small business advocate for the last six years, she stimulates biomedical research and development efforts between industry, academic, and government researchers and successfully transition technologies to serve our armed forces. Her expertise includes leading business development efforts to gain increased support from end users, while meeting timelines, and reducing costs from inception through post-award. Regular engagement with government customers within the Air Force Medical Support Agency, Research Wings, Research Labs, Army Medical Research and Material Command, and the Naval Medical Research Unit among others. Specific accomplishments include:

• Establishing academic partnerships with the University of Texas Health Science Center and University of Texas at San Antonio.

• Developed and maintain social media presence to rebrand online marketing efforts and marketing materials.

• Originated the Air Force Medical Support Agency’s (AFMSA) Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the Small Business Innovation Research Program (SBIR) along with SOPs for many civilian personnel function.

• Developed an intranet website for AFMSA SBIR program and Office of Research and Technology Applications to increase awareness and participation with various technology transfer mechanisms.

• Created an electronic personnel database tracking system for the AFMSA South team which enabled better oversight between departments and buildings.

• 8 years of experience directing and managing human resources departments.