Dedicated to the Advancement of Military Technology and Medical Research

  • Who We Are

    The Military & Health Research Foundation (MHRF) is a non-profit foundation that serves as an effective connection between innovative researchers and grants/funding sources with a focus on delivering effective solutions for identified medical capability gaps. The MHRF fosters collaborative efforts through partnerships between industry, academia, and diverse military entities. We do this by focusing on institutional strengths, the delivery of real solutions and the unique capabilities of research teams that are committed to pushing the boundaries of scientific discovery and medical technology.

    Serving the Nation's Finest

    The Military & Health Research Foundation was founded to ensure that American military men and women receive the best care possible, both in the field and at home, based on the latest military health research.

  • Our Goal

    Deliver real technological answers to difficult military medical problems. The Military & Health Research Foundation works extensively with military physicians and researchers to propel a technology through the full product development life cycle. Our goal is to translate innovative research into fully developed dynamic technologies, that can be utilized on the battlefield and in civilian healthcare and emergency settings.

    MHRF supports the needs and goals of research teams from their early research efforts through the prototyping phase through the scaleup to manufacturing including addressing the regulatory pathway of each technology. This complete technology lifecycle approach starts by building a product development pathway, applying end user feedback, identifying expert prototype/manufacturing, quality and regulatory guidance and ultimately connecting to industry commercialization partners.

  • What We Do

    MHRF provides enterprise, program, and project level research administration and solutions. We can provide staffing, equipment, supplies, end user testing, FDA submissions and clinical trial support, and any other necessary resources in a fast, efficient and compliant manner.

    MHRF supports military medicine by maximizing access to timely research and novel innovations that can improve the health and welfare of our soldiers and the readiness of their medical support and personnel. We do this by building new relationships with industry researchers and facilities. The research and development pipeline and the technologies that result are managed and supported through agile practices and management, rapid prototyping and lean startup principles to ultimately reach commercialization. MHRF serves as the hub between the researchers, funding agencies, end users, regulatory agencies and manufacturing partners to keep the lines of communication open with a clear focus on milestones and deliverables.

    MHRF continually builds relationships and diligently works side-by-side with our government and private partners to ensure the innovations of today become the technologies of tomorrow, focused on preserving the lives of America’s warfighter and improving their quality of care.

  • How We Do It

    While there are a variety of funding mechanisms that facilitate the development and transition of technologies, MHRF specializes in seeking targeted funding opportunities and crafting submission documents that are strategically designed to appeal to the funding source. MHRF also develops relationships with key funding decision makers and assures that they are aware of research and technology solutions. At any point in the technology development and transition process of your research - MHRF can be applied to support research efforts and help raise the visibility of research programs while actively seeking out next stage funding.

    Our experience has taught us that communication and coordination are key. This includes regularly validating research and technology development with end users. This assures that the form and function and the FDA and regulatory pathways are appropriate. The MHRF team manages any changes or new specifications to be met as required, communicates with sponsors or federal agencies to evaluate modified or newly defined requirements, and maintains open lines of communication with all partners involved in each stage of the product life cycle.

    Using agile project management and lean startup principles, MHRF is committed to ensuring that award dollars fund the research rather than overhead and administrative costs.

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